Not just an anonymous verse

Words don't speak, I know they don't talk They go on forever while moments take a balk A thought leads to its own ever present glory No matter how definite is the story May be the wisdom is knowing what is right, But to what extent these statements hold bright Like stars shine in dark … Continue reading Not just an anonymous verse


A little bit, i could know of her.

The one who has so many shades when she talks Who pulls out antics and her gestures turns everything to a candid moment When she is happy...she is groovy and as such when she balks Her moodswings goes with her tip to toe She is not just friendly but also a friendlyfoe Ask her about … Continue reading A little bit, i could know of her.

Be there, Be a little Be!

  Be the sun, Be the Shine Be the moon, Be the light Be the stars, Be the bright Be the wonder, Be the might Be the season, Be the sight Be the reason, Be the insight Be the tree, Be the life Be the ocean, Be the knight Be the day, Be the night … Continue reading Be there, Be a little Be!

You are Cute!

Words point out to someone serene. Authentic, crazy and sometimes mean. Clattering sound and haha it's you! Your fuzziness extends beyond a level of profound make your own sense and your ideologies be mean. You can easily identify the difference between "ear" and "eer" (first alphabet silent) Your awesomeness finds it way to steer. … Continue reading You are Cute!

The Darkness and The Light

What lies below the darkness...what lies beyond the light Maybethey are the outcome of some phenomenon or may be its their plight Both have their own vivid vibes and distinguish feel May be they are differential at the options of the sight They both don't mess around at each others vicinity May be it's their … Continue reading The Darkness and The Light


Pain is the situation when nothing seems wrong or right. When your eyes eject tears out of your plight. When you know there can be a solution to it but you chose to sit and crib over that for that moment. When you breath less...more you lament When there is a smog around your own … Continue reading Pain?

A world of her own

A disctinct vicinity of an unperturbed mind A free flow thought of a different kind Easy to keep, difficult to find. One can recall, only few can rewind There's so much to it then what can prescind. Like the thousand of things she annonates Of the several things that percolate and precipitate She has her … Continue reading A world of her own