Beauty tends to give a way to appreciation, like a cover page of a project presentation,

Comparable with the chorus of a song and suitably apt as abbreviations

Visible in void dark just like a constellation

Encrypted like a pass code yet stellar as felicitation

Vibe of a classy gesture and meaningful to its very own conception

All this laid down just to explain a word i.e. beauty…i will say its my profound duty
In short you are the cutie who is the bearer of the aforementioned beauty!


Endearment is the feeling that will say you are very dear to me

No doubt about it…almost nothing to plea

A sudden fall…A sudden rush

And my paper get crushed

I am describing you…There is no hush
Just wait for a while you can have your time to blush

I will conclude this stanza with an embezzlement

Giving myself a star;

Saying nothing but writing – endearing you are!


You are vibrant and versatile
Just so perfect and trendy as style

At times notorious and serious for a while
Cool at moments and deep as nile

Give me a reason i will say it all about you
Time and again you being before and after you


The Mitalee Agarwal

fb_img_14857935996407393Symbols, codes & characters are simple and precise

They are familiar, significant but concise

Yet they conquer more than it seems

Deeper than we can imagine…as long as it deems


The moment i think about you, its very much the same

You are simple, you are precise

You are familiar, significant and concise

You conquer more than it seems

Deep you are, its bit implied little less than deemed

So you are technically a symbol, a code or a character


Is it so?? Well I don’t know!

But I can explain it… Be aware I am bit slow

Let’s just hope it better be in a flow

The way i see it, it will be a bit complicated

But that depends on you, how this has to be contemplated


Through out the week, you don so many looks

You are expressive as those glam scrap books

Enlighting as a celebrated grand journal

You talk of the things that are very general

To the things that can range to a shrapnel


You are personation of very you, an eloquent line well said!

You are a meaningful word, a thoughtful phrase instead.


You have got some anger in you

That comes out naturally like summer’s loo

This anger adds to your grace and persona

And i still wonder you watched moana

Ok that’s fine but you are fierce when you are advocating feminisia

All four of us know how cruel you become when we do our daily ritual *mini militia*

(PS: Mini Mitilia is very fond of Mini Militia)


You are a fighter, a mighty girl

Who gets what she wants with her backhand of her swirl


Wish you go ahead and ahead…

You are an angry bird, a mighty phoenix instead


You are a solemn gaiety

Even your reactions and expression surely have a wide variety

Your authenticity is your distinctive verbal propriety

Your presence is moiety without you

There is everything perfect about you

You smile does wonder so do you

Your beauty is a slayer so are you?

Will talk about this in particular in another poem too


Too lousy you get when someone tame over those pins over your head


You are an example of perfect beauty, a proverb of endearment instead


You are an unperceived notion

Some time in and sometimes out of proportion

You always have contingency plans

And I know you love clash of clans

You are a cliché, you are a slang

So glorified like a Mustang

You turn out to be an awesome dude

It hard to patch up when you are rude


You are like an adjoining strand, a tying thread

You are a mystical perception, a fabulous conception instead


Forever You

They say that words are the gauge of expression

But there is no word that can express you

I don’t say it’s your quality or some distinct imperfections

I don’t say you are the sanctity of untethered phenomena

I would not even say that you are the reason for all the;

The goodness or soreness of my life…


I shall also not espouse for the reverence that you cast out

I may also not appeal for that something that never lasted

For that something may be unrequited


My strings shall stay the same…my ways shall stay that lame


I don’t have any word and I won’t even try to find


But there is something that I would say

Whatever you are…whoever you are…

The ‘perfect imperfectionist’; ‘the sanely insane


Your senseless sensibilities…yours not so signified credibility

The intents of your unbelievable capabilities…


You shall always be the color of my brightest dreams

The shades of your beauty shall be present in all the seasons

The tacitness of your somber existence…

The indent of an unperturbed solace…and your smile does magnificence


You are the aristophany of very you

There is no one more serene in a way than you

Stay as the way you are

The so called concept of “Forever You“…




First day of the gmcs, i entered the room

Batch no. 300 and we all were here to help ourselves groom

I didnt know what will happen or what i will do.

But it all got profound when i found people like you

These 17 days i thought would make me feel bore but now i wish i could have few days more

It was an awesome experience, an enriching one

So many Magical moments…just can’t remember one

“Its hard to choose any particular one”

8 of us were very different, yeah that’s right

But we all understand each other’s plight


Avi as we know is a big arijit fan

Sometimes he is a different kind of man :p

He espouses for all kind of pink and his biggest hobby is to sing

To whom he love

He give them a peculiar epithet

To all those endearing persona here comes :

“Baby” “babu” and “shona”

Akash ( akshay )

Akash has got an IRS streak and humour infiltrates him when he gets high

He can near about upto the value of pie

Income tax act 1961 turns him on

And french fries with sauce i dont think i need to explain this in this tone

But a nice person indeed and brilliant stuff

The one who can blaze all the humour in a puff

He is always bang on time

Oh its just about to 10, its not a crime…

Wears a health band on his hand atleast we came across a new trend



Sanya is 22 years old

She talks of the things that she never told

5 shots at a time, she claims that she can easily hold

And henceforth gets fizzy in multiple folds

An army kid and a scholar from D.R.C

Currently an articled clerk at T.R.C



Everything he does, he does it in avid ‘Andaz’

Its certainly an irony that his name is also Andaz

A cult auditor, and an uprising nemesis in assurance

Even at the moments when he is high on booze

Recently he found a hidden talent that he is good motivator

And not to forget his phone has got sensors too

It will definitely help him sooner or later…


Rhea is by far the coolest girl i have ever met

She has a heart of gold…i can bet

A go getter and there’s nothing she can’t get

She is fond of John Abraham     ( u can scroll her fb profile ) ps lol

And hates the taste of vodka

Her mobile network is sometimes congested

Not her fault as she is a user of voda

prettiest smile and “wakhra” style

Most formidable part of her persona

Next time we will try Corona 😉

( apna to OP wala rishta hai)


Shubham has got a lot of capacity

In terms of his hardwork or his zen of drinking

Timid eyes and curly hairs are his USP’s

He has got everything in him to make Avi please

A TRC’s audit team trainee

Who rise early for two and half hours long workout

And his phone battery always shows ‘about to last out’


Ambika is the cutest and jovial amongst the all

Her qualities make her an adorable pal

Her french class was something that thought us how to

Pronounce *Bonjour*

She is simple, happy and candour

A selfie enthusiast and has a minnie mouse cover

Again from team TRC and theres so much for her to discover



You all constitutes an integral part

An all new journey that we all have to start

And not to forget AP

Sorry for including him

But without him our day could not kickstart

And for all the fashionistas’ miss pam is a superstar

May god bless us we don’t want a non sense war!! Lol

The Slate of wisdom

the slate of wisdom

fortune is for whom…those who intends to seek

even a word can have a meaning…a meaning so deep.

you can find something valuable in a rusty stack of heap

when you feel like you are in middle of something you can’t come out…stay there

let thy faith take its leap..

water get its sanctity because it seeps

mountains are glorified because of the zenith of their peak

I say this; oh! I say this

in a tone that is quiet meek

words have their nexus…in consistency of the way we speak

imagination is an isle…an isle in the creek…

where the thoughts get nurtured

Which can’t be impeached but

It definitely has something that always preach

Sometimes it’s with in…sometimes hard to reach

we all espouse we all yearn

we all engross and we all learn

till the moments when we realise

its finally our turn

There may be several versions to it…

But still there is no frame where ambitions

find an apt place to fit into it

Ideas are the thought processes very gently knit

Enigma is like ember that always lit

Whatever we are whoever we are

We all  are  lone protagonists

On the chariots of dilemma we come out as czarists

There is no limit that prohibits

For there is something that i call “conviction” that inhibits


the silence of your words!!

silence-stillness-1024x512The silence of your words

For every reason…for every slang

My unbearable attempts…and yours fiery fangs :p

I espouse for a notion so that i could concieve yours

And i end up winding up with my pang-bang!!!

The stimulating resonance of your insistence

And i am very botherd about my unattended persistence

With every stance it gets steap

I bet every time it takes a leap

The candour of my inherent ideology

Yet it takes me nowhere

In the admist of dampened sense of iconology

My words get degraded and henceforth my belief

Though it neither harness anything nor does it harm

My ego kepts on pondering…so is my solace

I don’t possibly have any lexicon that could possibly

Throw any light on this so called prejudices that inhibits

The prospective tranquillity that my persona exhibits

I see this situation and i wonder of oasis

Oasis!!! Seriously deep meaning…it brings out the genisis

Well no word…no appeal…no doubts…no remorse

You may think i don’t have credentials right

And i don’t know whether you are wrong or right

But still there is a silence… A silence so loud

The silence as such you wont respond to my howl

I can’t evade this varacity as of now…

I have a great deal of longings for those words

I mean it…i mean it…with due reverence

Every word that you say or write…

Sounds and seems like a panaroma…

Soberly aesthatical…simply you…

But still out of the reach…though i cant impeach

I can feel “the silence of your words”…


As I muse on my enigma

I was not born to be a monarch…neither my diet was high on starch

As I started to learn I got to know month April came after the march

I thought of how these stars glitter without even getting parched

The mystery behind this intrigued me like anything

And that terrible tone in which I used to sing…

I saw moon and used to think it’s not that far…

A nexus…a constellation and canopy of stars

The speed of my dreams …my first love was a car

Though I never knew a single name…it did not matter much;

I got busy with my stupid games…that is not a big problem as such!!

As understanding came my ways

What I did: – I begged it to stay

I never knew what should be an ideal start

According to me it’s not an art

But still it constitutes an integral part

As I see it…I say “advent of journey”

Something’s are difficult…some of them are hard

I am a bit traditional…I welcome them with my due regards

Still as I ponder my ways to something deep

The reason behind which always creeps

The so called ‘Amos’ of my queries

My unquenched love for the berries…

The ‘syndrome’ of my apocalyptic habits

My reactions when something goes over my head: – “got it”

I don’t have an averted notion

But still I believe in approaching with caution…

And definitely I know

Eighteenth letter in Greek is “sigma”

And I muse on my enigma!!!

My solitude with all those who found it funny

I shall say “Advent of my journey”